carpet cleaning

Cleaning Carpets Every DIYer from the novice to the expert occasionally has the spill. My friends at Moore Carpet Cleaner have been so kind to offer some advice on how to handle just a mess. Now if their advice doesn’t help much, don’t hesitate to give them a call. I can personally say that they do a … Read More

Cleaning Dyer Ducts

Dyer Ducts Clogged So yesterday I finally got tired of my dryer not drying my clothes on the first round. I figured this is something more people would have issues with, so I thought I would share my experience with the world. A clogged dryer duct can do much more damage than what you see it your … Read More

Home Security Install

Installation of Home Security Cameras Home security is on the rise anymore, and a girl can’t blame anyone. With the way this world is turning, home security might just be a wise decision! So I decided that I would get  some cameras installed, and I would do it myself so I can share my process with … Read More

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Cleaning your Air Conditioner  Let’s keep the first post fairly simple! I got this idea from my HVAC Contractor, which he was kind enough to give me some tips. So today I’m talking about cleaning your outdoor unit for your A/C. Cleaning these are very straight forward and simple. Before I get too far into … Read More

Hello world!

Well, Hello World! My name is Holly and  I look forward to getting my hands dirty with some home improvement projects! I encourage you to work along side of me at your own home. Together we can make a small change to our atmosphere, creating a more homie and relaxing feeling. For the story about the … Read More